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Sep 30, 2017 10:56:08   #
Oh, of course I love sushi and Japanese food overall, but it's hard to even call it eat a cheat meal compared to full of saturated fats and unhealthy carbs cheeseburger

Whenever I have some sushi or ramen I just count it to my macros and never once I have considered it as a cheat meal It's full of great nutritional values.
Sep 30, 2017 08:23:57   #
So, there was already a topic in which we discussed light side vs dark side - junk food vs healthy food, but now it's time for something more specific. what do you like to consume the most? I personally love most common stuff - like pizza, burgers, everything that has tons of carbs and fat

Especially cheeseburgers - I just love them. I could buy a 20$ burger and not have any regrets. I guess it just shows how much I love them.

So, what do you love eating the most when you finally give your mind and body some rest?

In the past I usually avoided cheat meals and I focused on healthy products, but once I started to eat dirty I couldn't stop.

As for now I usually allow myself 1 or 2 cheat meals in a week and I feel so much better both physically and mentally
Sep 30, 2017 07:35:02   #
Don't worry about it! annbee has already given a great explanation. I'll also allow myself to add, that increased vascularity is not always connected to losing weight.

It also pretty often has to do with increased hydration of your body and proper training of your muscles. In my case noticing new veins usually mean muscles growth, so I'm always very excited when I see them
Sep 29, 2017 19:29:14   #
Hello! I personally think, that you are adding your calories too fast. Theoretically, you should gain weight much faster, but everyone is different, so it not always goes according to our expectations.

You are already at 2300 kcal and that is a lot for a skinny woman like you.

You shouldn't be adding so much calories per week or you will burn your progress possibilities very quick. I would suggest adding like 100-150 kcal per week, not 300.

I would also suggest you to keep adding calories until you reach the point of around 3000 kcal.

I know, that it will be pretty hard for you - even many men have problem with eating so much, but this is what you should aim for right now.

I will just say that, even though I'm heavier than you by like 15 pounds I had some serious problems with eating 3000kcal myself

So, when you reach the point of 3000 kcal, just stop your diet, give yourself two weeks break and prepare yourself for eating less until you get down to like 2000-2200 kcal.

You have also very fast metabolism, so you may manipulate your diet and calories intake in many different ways without risk of gaining weight, although control yourself, because you can also lose your weight quite easily and this is not what you want, right?
Sep 29, 2017 17:22:56   #
Okay, you may be right about this. I wrote it based on mine and my friends experience that have tried this method. None of them, including me noticed any noticeable growth even though we were all bulking back then.

It depends on a person I guess, but I still believe, that it won't be the best choice for most people.
Sep 29, 2017 17:04:59   #
FBWs workouts are really great and hammlie's suggestion is a very good one. If you want something even more challenging, you may also try A/B/C FBW workout

I have been doing one for quite a while now. Of course you can try push and pull as well - it's a great workout, for a little bit more advanced people though in my opinion, but I'm sure you can manage.

I don't recommend SPLIT though - I would leave it to either women on juice or those that really have a lot of experience.
Sep 29, 2017 12:19:10   #
I don't have any tattoos and I don't intend to have any, although I don't consider them ugly or anything of this sort.

I just simply don't think they would fit me. I have many friends that have tattoos - most of them is working out also.

One has participated in Bikini Fitness last year and she placed pretty good.

So, I have nothing against them, if you feel like you want to have a bigger one on your back, then go for it.
Sep 29, 2017 10:28:55   #
Well, if this is what you really want, then you should go for steroids.

I can't think of anything else, that could help you now - you have to cheat your own genetics and this is the only thing, that will allow you to do so.
Sep 29, 2017 10:02:02   #
Hello! Unfortunately, there isn't much you can do. You can get fat overall, but that's not what you aim for, right?

You can try doing some hip thrusts/glute bridges. Girls tend to focus on squats alone, while supportive exercises can yield much better results.

I'm pretty sure, you have tried most of them as you have quite a lot of experience already, so you know what's what.

I personally do circuit workout for legs only and I see great results. You can also try training, that I currently follow.

If you want, I can send you a private message with the workout and some guidelines, maybe it will be of help.

Also, you should try to eat a lot. I don't mean, that you should get fat, but you have to eat, if you want your bottom to grow.
Sep 29, 2017 08:30:17   #
I agree with hammlie here. This research has some truth indeed, but I still think that cortisol doesn't really impact losing fat from our tummies significantly.

I would like to also say, that I have noticed the biggest progress, when I was under a huge amount of stress in work, so.. It's more likely, that inability to lose fat from your belly is a genetic tendency rather than effect of cortisol changes due to heavy stress.

Sure, it may have some impact - but it depends on a person and other factors as well as we are all different, our hormones level and inclinations differ greatly as well.

Actually, the most stressful event for our bodies is waking up from the sleep, that's why cortisol level is highest in the morning.

Some people are more "stressed" due to waking up than others, that's why for example IF diets or avoiding carbohydrates in the morning for some people is a great idea, while some require

those extra calories immediately after getting out of bed

I rather say, that everyone is different and it's best to apply certain strategies based on how your body reacts to some things. Cortisol level is not to blame here and even if it really impacts losing fat from your stomach it's due to many other factors and cortisol itself is only a puzzle element here.
Sep 29, 2017 08:01:32   #
Hi! I've read everything that you wrote here. I can suggest to also try strengthening your hamstring, even though you have no problem with detaching the barbell from the ground they are usually the most common reason for differences between squats and deadlifts.

People usually focus on quads and they tend to neglect their hamstrings - I was doing it for quite a while as well.
Sep 28, 2017 17:17:19   #
I understand. You most certainly cannot!

You will lose your weight pretty soon - trust me, time flies pretty fast and you will think of not being on diet as something unusual soon enough.

Lifting and healthy lifestyle may be very addictive in its own way
Sep 28, 2017 16:26:35   #
Great story! I loved reading it through I wish you all the best and I'm sure, that you will achieve your goal much quicker!

I also hope, that you won't abandon our little forum
Sep 28, 2017 12:54:59   #
Well, I used to despise junk food and I paid a lot of attention to what I eat in the past.

I ate mostly clean food, doesn't matter if it was processed or not, but I avoided products, that are so widely considered as junk food at any cost.

At the moment, as I'm working out for quite a long time already and I have gathered some knowledge, I partially agree with Sallimaro.

Still I'll never eat junk food everyday like her, but I see nothing wrong in cheating from time to time.

It gives you peace of mind and what's most important - doesn't really make a difference!

Nothing will happen to you, if you eat some burgers after work twice a week or if you'll have a glass of wine after a dinner.

Moderation - this is what really matters. You have to stick to your diet plan, macros, but you can't have regrets like greenprincess, just because you ate some junk food.

I was like you though, so don't worry. When you were eating unhealthy for most of your life, you are afraid of getting back to those habits, getting back to being in bad shape and so on - even if you know, that ordering a pizza once a week won't really change a thing, your mind automatically rejects any thought of doing that and if your friends affect you enough to do so, you have regrets afterwards.

I was going through the exactly same phase.
Sep 28, 2017 11:24:01   #
Yes, not trained body, which has never been on diet before should be losing weight pretty quickly.

You should also remember, that at the very start of your diet most of what you lose is water, that's why you may experience loss of even 6 to 8 pounds in your first two - three weeks.
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