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Weight Loss Tips and Advice!
Hi all. Thought it would be good to start a thread so everyone can share their tips and tricks, what's worked for them and what hasn't.

I'll start with KNOCK OFF THE FIZZY, SUGARY DRINKS! I know that helped me lots, and it's something that I've heard from lots of other people too.
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Wall Squat Challenge - Anyone Want to Join Me?
Hi guys! I've been trying to find ways to keep myself motivated because I've been struggling a bit recently, and I'e just come up with this - thought it might help if a few of us were doing the same thing so we can all lean on each other for some moral support!

Firstly, this is how to do a wall squat:

Push hips back against the wall

With your heels flat to the floor, slowly lower yourself down as far as you feel comfortable. Keep your arms out for balance if you feel that you need to. Pause and hold for as long as the challenge requires, then slowly stand back up using the wall for support.

The idea is to start at 10 seconds on day one, then increase by 10 seconds a day until day 30 when we should get to 5 minutes (eek!)

Anyone want to join me?
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Belly fat
I’m new to this site not totally sure how it works yet. Here is my issue stubborn belly fat. I can’t seem to lose it even with diet and exercise. What am I doing wrong. I believe it started when I had to have my gallbladder removed. I gained 20 lbs in one year now I cannot get rid of it. Someone else out there have an idea to share on what works for them.
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Need to lose 40 pounds
I weighted 130 lbs until I had my sixth foot surgery 2015-16, during those years I put on the pounds. Unable to walk, I was not aware of this until I had gained 40lbs. Weight I just do not seem to be able to get rid of. I hate the way I look, (old & fat). Not many of my cloths fit, those that fit, makes me look even worse. Not she how to recapture my body.
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I'm changing my life TODAY!
Hello! So I was thinking about it for a few months now.

I did a lot of reading and I have educated myself cause I know how much stupid questions about diet and workout could annoy some of you

I don't want to be like every other beginner and I hope, that everything with my diet and workout is okay, so I can avoid wasting your time with my questions.

So, my thread title is: "I'm changing my life TODAY!", but in reality I intend to start working out from tomorrow.

However, today is a very important day for me as I made a decision about finally starting out my fitness adventure, that I hope will last forever

Truth is, that I'm really feeling bad about my body and I don't want to feel like this ever again.

I am 5'5" and I weigh 172 pounds. That's a really a lot... I feel so obese, that I actually have some minor depressions that come and go.

I feel awful with myself. I feel unattractive to men. I also want to point out, that I only had one boyfriend in my life and it was 5 years ago, when I was 17 years old.

Now I'm 23 years old and I really just want to change my life, because I feel like I can't continue to live like this anymore.

World is so big and beautiful and I want to give my life a meaning. I know that working out and getting in shape is not a remedy for all troubles in life, but at least I want to get closer to so called "happiness", which is something, that I haven't felt for a really long time. I don't want to brag to you about all of my problems, but to be honest I have nobody to talk to in real life.

So, getting back to weight loss story - I want to lose 30 pounds. I feel like this will be enough to make me feel better about myself.

I know, that I won't be skinny with just 30 pounds less, but this is the first milestone I have set for myself. Once I achieve it, I will aim for something even more challenging!

I was never skinny in my life, but I hope that I will be able to experience this feeling at least once

I will admit, that by reading some of the topics on this forum I have really gathered a lot of knowledge about workout for females and bodybuilding overall.

I want to thank you for this as generally other bodybuilding forums are focused on men's physics only.

The diet I'm going to follow equals to 2200 kcal. As for workout I chose 3x Full Body Workout with higher - the very one from this forum.

I think this is the best approach in my case. I'll be cutting my calories by 10% every two weeks and I'll add some cardio in a month from now.

I plan to lose 30 pounds in 4 months. I believe this is doable

I hope I can achieve my goals!

Thank you for reading this and wish me success!
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Healthy food vs junk food
Hi! So obviously, healthy food is superior to junk food, right? Basically every bodybuilding forum, that I'm reading is stating clearly, that we should stick to healthy food and that junk food is "evil". They say that there will be no progress if you are eating junk food, that you will become overweight etc.

Really, it's hard to find an objective opinion. Even here I have noticed this negativity towards dirty eating.

I understand that, although I was recently experimenting a little bit and I started to consume fair amount of junk food, but I didn't resign from clean food entirely. I guess, it's worth mentioning that I'm already working out for a while, so I'm not an beginner.

I'm also neither overweight nor skinny. I believe, that I'm relatively fit. So, basically I didn't notice any negative changes to my body since I've changed my approach.

I'm ordering pizza, food from McDonald and Starbucks on daily basis. I'm doing so for 3 months already - nothing has really changed.

I have actually progressed just like I usually do. Of course I kept my scheduled calories distribution, so it's not that I only eat unhealthy carbs all the time.

I just use dirty food to diversify my meals That's why I tend to agree with the minority saying, that calories are pretty much equal to each other - it all depends on how you distribute them to your body

One of the arguments for not eating junk food, that I agree with is that they are much more processed than food we call clean, although products that are widely labeled as healthy are usually heavily processed as well.

Point is that, to eat entirely healthy and naturally, we would need to spend 2 to 3 times more money on our food. Can most people afford it? I don't think so.

So, the food that most people think that is healthy isn't that much different from the junk food, that they despise so much.

Hell, sometimes junk food would probably turn out to be healthier than a lot of products that unaware people consume - e.g: Diet coke.

I actually laugh when I see those people promoting healthy living, taking selfies with a healthy salad in their left hand and a bottle of diet pepsi in right hand.

I used to base my diet on healthy food only for quite some time as well in the past, but recently I just had a change of heart.

I can eat both tasty and partially healthy with the very same outcome. What more do I need? What's the point in eating things you don't like then?

I follow a different path now and I feel so much better mentally


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What is the Paleo diet? Does it work?
Can anyone here tell me about Paleo? I know that basically it's supposed to be like 'if a caveman didn't eat it, nor should you' but I'm interested in finding out more about it and if it's worked for anyone here.
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My Success Story

I'm 5'5" and I weigh 110 pounds now. I'm training for a while already and I'm here on this forum for a while as well. I never had a time to post something more about myself and as I have finally achieved my goal of losing -30 pounds and also adding a lot of pounds on my barbell I just had to sit down, make a coffee and start writing about it to share this great news with the community that have significantly helped me achieve this goal.

So, to be accurate I have started to work out with a good diet on 14th September 2016, so a little bit over a year has passed. I did work out a little bit back at home before I have found this forum, but I didn't take it serious at all. I didn't have any diet that I did stick to, so my progress was very small, but once I found this forum, became an active member, gathered some knowledge I have set my path and didn't hesitate even once during this time - probably because of the great progress that I have made :)

So, I have lost -30 pounds in 5 months and I was already partially happy with how I look, but working out and progressing is so addictive that from the main goal I turned it into a stepping stone for a much bigger goal, which I am still aiming for and day by day getting closer to it! So what is my end-game? It's simple. I want to keep working out and feel good about myself. I don't want to be Miss Olympia or anything of this sort - I just want to feel good in my body and from what I have realized, the only way to achieve that is to never stop working out! That's my long-term goal.

Of course I will appreciate the progress that comes along, so improving my looks and strength is very important here as well, but it's not a priority anymore. Priority is to keep being fit and feeling good about myself :)

So, back to the story - after I have lost some weight I moved to 5x5 plan - designed for gaining strength. Actually people were really looking a bit weird at me, because most girls at the gym were occupying cardio machines and I was usually loading heavy plates on my barbell.

Another 6 months I spent doing 5x5 while eating healthy. I managed to gain extra 10 pounds, which were all muscles as I didn't notice any fat increasement and I was focusing mostly on strength for this period.

I really enjoy going to the limit sometimes with heavy barbell on my back. Shame is, that I didn't see any girl working the same way as I do, but there were plenty of men looking back at me with kind of an amazement :P. That felt nice.

As for now, I just started doing Push and Pull plan on higher reps, I think I've reached my strength goals for now and I would prefer to focus on doing exercises with higher rep, gain some stamina and change the scenery for a bit. I plan to work out like this for next couple of months, then I'm probably switching to 5x5 again because this is the plan which I have enjoyed the most so far.

My current strength records are:

Squat: 160 pounds
Deadlift: 220 pounds
Bench Press: 105 pounds

I think it's quite good as I haven't seen any women using same weights as I do, although I found some men that did :P

Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed my little story :) I don't plan on updating it as pretty much this is the goal that I wanted to reach and the only thing that I will keep doing now is adding more pounds on my barbell and improving in terms of both strength and looks :)
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Vibration Plates - Do They Work?
Hiya. A gym near me is doing a special offer on a course of vibtration plates - the only problem is that you have to pay up front for a course of 10 treatments to be taken over 30 days.

Before I hand over a wedge of cash, I'd be interested to hear if anyone has had any success with vibration plates?
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What is your favorite cheat meal?
So, there was already a topic in which we discussed light side vs dark side - junk food vs healthy food, but now it's time for something more specific. what do you like to consume the most? I personally love most common stuff - like pizza, burgers, everything that has tons of carbs and fat

Especially cheeseburgers - I just love them. I could buy a 20$ burger and not have any regrets. I guess it just shows how much I love them.

So, what do you love eating the most when you finally give your mind and body some rest?

In the past I usually avoided cheat meals and I focused on healthy products, but once I started to eat dirty I couldn't stop.

As for now I usually allow myself 1 or 2 cheat meals in a week and I feel so much better both physically and mentally
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