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Healthy food vs junk food
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Sep 28, 2017 11:56:26   #
Hi! So obviously, healthy food is superior to junk food, right? Basically every bodybuilding forum, that I'm reading is stating clearly, that we should stick to healthy food and that junk food is "evil". They say that there will be no progress if you are eating junk food, that you will become overweight etc.

Really, it's hard to find an objective opinion. Even here I have noticed this negativity towards dirty eating.

I understand that, although I was recently experimenting a little bit and I started to consume fair amount of junk food, but I didn't resign from clean food entirely. I guess, it's worth mentioning that I'm already working out for a while, so I'm not an beginner.

I'm also neither overweight nor skinny. I believe, that I'm relatively fit. So, basically I didn't notice any negative changes to my body since I've changed my approach.

I'm ordering pizza, food from McDonald and Starbucks on daily basis. I'm doing so for 3 months already - nothing has really changed.

I have actually progressed just like I usually do. Of course I kept my scheduled calories distribution, so it's not that I only eat unhealthy carbs all the time.

I just use dirty food to diversify my meals That's why I tend to agree with the minority saying, that calories are pretty much equal to each other - it all depends on how you distribute them to your body

One of the arguments for not eating junk food, that I agree with is that they are much more processed than food we call clean, although products that are widely labeled as healthy are usually heavily processed as well.

Point is that, to eat entirely healthy and naturally, we would need to spend 2 to 3 times more money on our food. Can most people afford it? I don't think so.

So, the food that most people think that is healthy isn't that much different from the junk food, that they despise so much.

Hell, sometimes junk food would probably turn out to be healthier than a lot of products that unaware people consume - e.g: Diet coke.

I actually laugh when I see those people promoting healthy living, taking selfies with a healthy salad in their left hand and a bottle of diet pepsi in right hand.

I used to base my diet on healthy food only for quite some time as well in the past, but recently I just had a change of heart.

I can eat both tasty and partially healthy with the very same outcome. What more do I need? What's the point in eating things you don't like then?

I follow a different path now and I feel so much better mentally


Sep 28, 2017 12:00:37   #

I'm one of those people that eat healthy for most of the time, but I agree with you.

Life is not all about counting macros and eating chicken with broccoli. I actually love most of those products, that are considered healthy, but

I'm also supplying myself with highly processed products like cheese or ham, simply because getting ham of really high quality is quite expensive.

So, I don't always follow the 100% clean food routine, but at least I try to pick less processed products, that are affordable for me.

I don't eat junk food from KFC or McDonald at all. I also don't drink alcohol - even though I don't see anything wrong in moderate consumption of alcohol.
Sep 28, 2017 12:22:51   #
Moderation is the key, my friend. I try to apply this sentence to basically everything in my life. To be honest, I don't see anything wrong with alcohol or even drugs as long as it's in moderate consumption.

I'm a very tolerant person and I apply my tolerance to many things in life.

Same goes with food. Sallimaro's approach is much closer to mine than Lexie_1987's for example.

I drink alcohol, I eat dirty and so on, but I don't do it on daily basis. Moreover, I don't consider food from McDonald or Burger King to be as bad as some make it to be.

I actually think it's more healthy and balanced in nutritional values than some products, that people so eagerly buy at their supermarkets, but I would feel really bad with myself if I only ate burgers and chicken nuggets.
Sep 28, 2017 12:27:48   #
I'm not your typical fitness freak when it goes to healthy eating as well, but I don't imagine myself eating junk food everyday.

It just wouldn't sit well with me, especially as for most of my life I was eating unhealthy - I consumed mostly carbs - crisps, pizzas, burgers with basically 0 physical activity.

So now I really appreciate good, healthy diet and fair amount of vegetables. Maybe it's still because I'm quite new to working out and fitness lifestyle, that I tend to choose clean food mostly, but as I feel good with this approach for now, I don't see a reason to change it

Whenever I get drunk or grab some fast-food with my friends I have plenty of regrets afterwards. It's just not worth it for me
Sep 28, 2017 12:54:59   #
Well, I used to despise junk food and I paid a lot of attention to what I eat in the past.

I ate mostly clean food, doesn't matter if it was processed or not, but I avoided products, that are so widely considered as junk food at any cost.

At the moment, as I'm working out for quite a long time already and I have gathered some knowledge, I partially agree with Sallimaro.

Still I'll never eat junk food everyday like her, but I see nothing wrong in cheating from time to time.

It gives you peace of mind and what's most important - doesn't really make a difference!

Nothing will happen to you, if you eat some burgers after work twice a week or if you'll have a glass of wine after a dinner.

Moderation - this is what really matters. You have to stick to your diet plan, macros, but you can't have regrets like greenprincess, just because you ate some junk food.

I was like you though, so don't worry. When you were eating unhealthy for most of your life, you are afraid of getting back to those habits, getting back to being in bad shape and so on - even if you know, that ordering a pizza once a week won't really change a thing, your mind automatically rejects any thought of doing that and if your friends affect you enough to do so, you have regrets afterwards.

I was going through the exactly same phase.
Sep 28, 2017 13:19:38   #
I'm eating mostly clean and I really care about my shape thus I stick to my diet, but not as religiously as some people do.

I like to have some beer or wine once a week. I'll gladly have a slice of pizza after workout as well, but when I was losing weight I was trying to eat 100% clean.

I believe, that eating cheat meals during weight loss is a bad idea and I think most can agree with me.

The only exception would be low carb diet - CBL/CN where cheat meals/days are an extremely important part of diet.
Sep 28, 2017 13:48:20   #
I agree. During weight loss eating clean is much more important, especially when you are just an beginner, usually heavily overweight.

Body of such a person is reacting very differently in comparison to ours, that are in shape for a while already.

It has to do with glucagon/insulin levels. You can eat more junk food the less overweight you are.

I stick to this rule and also during any weight loss, I tend to cut my junk food consumption significantly.

So, just like others I believe in moderation Eat relatively clean, but don't go crazy on yourself, if you eat some extra burgers.

We are not pros, we are not on heavy cycle aiming to get 101% out of our bodies. We can cut ourselves some slack and it won't really make a difference for us.

It's very important to feel both good physically and mentally, if you want to last in this sport

I eat like 70% clean, 30% dirty and so far I feel really great.

As for processed food, that is worse than typical McDonald or KFC food - I rather spend some more money to make sure that what I eat is relatively healthy.
Sep 28, 2017 14:15:39   #
I have never really divided food to: bad or good. As others I'm eating mostly healthy, but I don't have any regrets if I eat a burger or grab a beer with friends.

I try to eat a lot of vegetables, fruits, eggs, meat, cottage cheese, rye bread, rice and so on. I feel really good, when I'm eating this way and it makes me happy

Hating your diet is one of the worst things, that you can do in this sport. It additionally makes you hate life as well and this is one thing, that I can't allow to happen
Sep 28, 2017 14:45:20   #
I try to eat only healthy, but sometimes due to unexpected events or when I'm hitting the town with friends I treat myself with some junk food.

Part of what I consider healthy food is probably more processed and worse overall than what I consider a junk food, but I don't have the resources to pay few times more for a "natural" food, so I only divide my food to good and bad and I simply try not to eat too much of the latter.
Sep 28, 2017 14:51:54   #
Whatever works for you PeanutSS! I basically stick to counting my macros only.

I don't really care if the food is processed or not, life is too short to worry about such things. Of course I try to eat as much of relevant food as I can, like: meat, eggs, cottage cheese or even olive oil.

It's my main source for proteins and fat, but I eat fair amount of junk food as well and I count it to my overall daily calories distribution.

I just try to not to do it everyday

So far, it works for me!
Sep 28, 2017 15:17:31   #
Well, point is we should all define for ourselves, which products are really clean or dirty.

For example there is nothing wrong with pizzas, ice creams, crisps and burgers, if you ask me
Sep 28, 2017 15:26:55   #
I eat relatively clean for most of the time, but I like to order some pizza once a week or two. I also drink alcohol at least once a week, but not too much and I didn't see it affect my shape at all.

I pay attention to my vitamins and minerals intake, that junk food rather isn't rich in.

So, to put it simple, my approach looks like that: counting calories + supplements + sticking mostly to healthy food = allowance to cheat a little bit without it affecting your shape at all.

Did you know that Arnold Schwarzenegger was usually going for a cheat meal after his workout? Did it affect his shape? Not really.

Only difference is that he did it before he became best bodybuilder of his times.

So, if you are not a pro yet, you may really allow yourself a lot of things if you know what you are doing
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