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Veins and body fat percentage
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Sep 29, 2017 21:17:09   #
Madam Nelline
Hello! I have noticed some new veins on my body - I'm very happy about that of course, but my weight didn't really drop and I don't feel leaner as well, so how is this possible?

Usually when I saw some new veins my weight has significantly dropped down.

I have also felt noticeable leaner, especially on my tummy, which has always been the area that I have been struggling with the most, but not this time.

My belly didn't really change at all, but I've noticed more veins on my legs and shoulders.

So I'm really concerned about my weight that has remained the same. I'm not an beginner, so it's not that I have gained enough muscle to cover my fat loss
Sep 29, 2017 21:26:34   #
Well, more visible veins doesn't always mean, that you have lost weight. Very often increase in vascularity is caused by extra hydration or your muscles growth.

Especially when you are focusing on endurance more while working out, the muscles get much more "pumped up", blood flows much faster and thus veins are more visible.

Weight is not the only way to measure if you have lost fat though. Give yourself some more time, if you will keep getting more vascular, weight will drop as well.

As for you not feeling leaner though it may have to do with your "brain". For example when I'm hungry I already feel like I have lost at least 10 pounds and I feel extremely lean on top of that, so it depends.

Another reason for that may be, that you were much skinnier than you are now for most of your life, so even though you lost weight, you won't really feel like you did until you get to the point that you are usually at.
Sep 29, 2017 21:54:53   #
Madam Nelline
Thanks for comprehensive answer annbee! It's true that I usually was at much lower body fat, that I'm at now as I have just recently finished my bulking period, so my brain may have not switched yet.

Thanks for this, I would have never thought of it I'll give myself some more time. It's not that it's my first weight loss approach, so I know, that there is no point in rushing it.

I was just a little surprised by increased vascularity as my veins were never as visible as they are now. Not even, when I had lower body fat %.

It may be due to increased hydration as well as I started to drink much more water recently, but I didn't know that it may have such an impact.

I also do those longer workouts with a lot of reps and lower weights,so it may be the cause as well.

Anyway, thank you. I'll continue as intended and I'll keep an eye on any changes.
Sep 29, 2017 22:05:31   #
I have also noticed that my veins are more visible when I drink more water, despite being at higher body fat percentage, so now I know for sure, what was the cause of this

Thanks annbee!
Sep 30, 2017 07:18:10   #
I love seeing more veins on my body as well! It's an amazing feeling and I agree, that it's not always connected with losing weight, although whenever I lost a lot of fat I have noticed more of them. It's actually, why I love getting down to such a low body fat percentage - discovering new veins is always very exciting

That's why I also don't really bulk that much and I try to keep my body relatively lean for most of the time.
Sep 30, 2017 07:35:02   #
Don't worry about it! annbee has already given a great explanation. I'll also allow myself to add, that increased vascularity is not always connected to losing weight.

It also pretty often has to do with increased hydration of your body and proper training of your muscles. In my case noticing new veins usually mean muscles growth, so I'm always very excited when I see them
Sep 30, 2017 07:47:38   #
I have also noticed that, new veins don't always mean that I've lost some fat. As I have different goals than most of you,

I usually keep my body fat percentage considerably higher and quite often I can see increasement in my vascularity without losing a pound or without even being on a calories deficit.

So, basically it's also the effect of getting your diet more balanced in macroelements and vitamins.

I've also read an very interesting article recently and I have learned that sodium can greatly impact visibility of veins and actually so does well-balanced diet as well.

By the way, arms and shoulders are the place where new veins tend to appear most often, due to the lower body fat in this area.
Sep 30, 2017 08:07:13   #
Madam Nelline
Thanks for your input girls! I really do appreciate it. I will observe my body for a little longer.

I will read some more scientific articles later when I get some time off about it and report back here if I manage to learn something.
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