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Sep 26, 2017 21:29:40   #
Again, no pressure! Even if you only do 10 seconds a day for 30 days, it's just something that we can all do together?
Sep 26, 2017 21:02:16   #
No pressure YM. It's about encouragement, not trying to force anyone. Just thought it might be a fun way to keep motivated.
Sep 26, 2017 20:14:15   #
Haha, cheerleaders always welcome!
Sep 26, 2017 18:59:41   #
Hi guys! I've been trying to find ways to keep myself motivated because I've been struggling a bit recently, and I'e just come up with this - thought it might help if a few of us were doing the same thing so we can all lean on each other for some moral support!

Firstly, this is how to do a wall squat:

Push hips back against the wall

With your heels flat to the floor, slowly lower yourself down as far as you feel comfortable. Keep your arms out for balance if you feel that you need to. Pause and hold for as long as the challenge requires, then slowly stand back up using the wall for support.

The idea is to start at 10 seconds on day one, then increase by 10 seconds a day until day 30 when we should get to 5 minutes (eek!)

Anyone want to join me?
Sep 26, 2017 16:21:14   #
Forgot to say mine - Pibb zero. It's like spicy cherries, so good!
Sep 26, 2017 15:33:19   #
Hey y'all! So, I'm not suggesting that anyone should drink them all the time, but what's your favorite low cal drinks? All water and no fruit makes Jackie a dull girl lol
Sep 26, 2017 14:36:07   #
Well done Angela! You're going to feel so much better for it.
Sep 26, 2017 13:17:58   #
5lbs!? Wow, what were you doing? lol
Sep 26, 2017 11:01:24   #
Oh, I've never seen one of those before. That's really helpful - thank you!
Sep 26, 2017 09:50:08   #
Aw, I knew someone was going to say weigh and measure. I know I'm gonna have to start doing it...I just don't want to. :(
Sep 26, 2017 09:14:05   #
Hi guys. As I've mentioned before, despite starting off well I've kind of hit a wall. I'm wondering if it's down to portion size?

Anyone got any tips on how to make sure I'm not eating too much, even if it is the 'right' food.
Sep 26, 2017 08:05:12   #
No, she turned orange because the only carbs she allowed herself was carrots and sweet potatoes. That's not clean eating, it's an eating disorder.
Sep 26, 2017 07:22:52   #
Huh? How can eating whole and unprocessed foods ever be bad for you?
Sep 25, 2017 20:37:07   #
Gloria, have you spoken to your doctor to ask if your medication could be causing weight gain? I know that some of the other ladies on here have had issues with that and their doctors have been super helpful.
Sep 25, 2017 19:19:58   #
Well, maybe you could talk to her and tell her that you need help figuring it all out?
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