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New here... need advice
Hello there,
I am new here, finally decided to start losing belly fat... I try to keep my calories low, do some workouts, running, swimming pool etc.
But is there anything that could help me losing weight without doing anything? I have been drinking green tea for past couple of weeks (I heard it helps) but recently, I discoverd red tea detox programme here https://healthfitnesstherightway.wordpress.com/home/ and apparently its much better and more affective than green tea and it also stops your hunger... Any thoughts opinions on that?
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I want to feel better
Hello. I am 60, and a recent widow. I have gained 50 pounds, grief weight. Do not like myself at all. I need help.. Cannot afford gyms. If someone can help me, thank you
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Belly fat
Hi my name is Maria. I lose 51lb but a i am still overweight. I need to lose 25 more lb. I feel like I am stuck between 165 and 168. Any advice?
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My Weight Loss
Hi. I'm Kelly. Single mom of 2 teenage boys. This past year I've finally gotten on my lifestyle change and I have lost 90 lbs. Now I have 50 more to go but have hit a serious platue. I need to keep up my motivation. I know I will never be going back to the way of life I had before.....I just really want to be around a group of passionate people to keep going.... I can't wait to meet you all.
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Lose belly fat
I would very much to to info about how to lose belly fat
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Getting older yet still feeling young
Hello, what a wonderful sight to be able to join and I am thrilled people are still wanting to help others out free of charge, what a true blessing. I am 49 and feel 35, most people guess my age at 35 but I am not sure if they are just being nice or if I do look that much younger. Hey, if I do, I'll take it, lol. Anyway, I am a newby and look forward to helping and receiving help. With so much to know and so little time to find all the answers I am so glad I am meeting all of you so we can help one another. I am starting to have trouble with weight. I am not overweight really but the bulk is moving to areas they have never been before, like stomach and the muffin top when I fasten my jeans, ugh... I have a triple D chest and don't want to loose it but that seems to be the first place along with my arms and face to loose weight. I am also noticing my complexion is changing and not for the better, at age 47 I started getting acne and my hair gets oily from time to time. This is very frustrating for my because my whole life I have had a great complexion, great hair and never oily and no problems with weight so now that all of this is happening it seems all at once, I am freaking out a little because I don't know what to do about it all, except maybe hide in my house.. na, I'm kidding, I only do that once in a while. lol.... It get's exhausting having to do so much these days to have the same look I am use to having through out my life. I am sure others have gone through this or are going through it now and I am wanting to know what you do or what products or natural remedies you have used that help. I am starting to look old and I am so not ready for it, I hope you can help. Thank you and looking forward to getting to know you all. I have attached a picture and of course I picked the best one, lol... It was good lighting that day.

Sincerely, Taletha Coles

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Medication and weight gain
Hello everyone!

I'm new to this group and looking forward to learning and, most importantly, losing weight! Right now I'm really struggling with my low carb diet. A medication I take has as it's major side effect weight gain. I've lost about 9 lbs. but now I'm stuck, no matter how hard I try. I don't relish the idea of having to buy all new summer clothes because of my weight. I already had to buy all new clothes for winter. I'm looking for suggestions!
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Is it old age or should I see a doctor
I'm 55 yrs old, barely 5'1", have worn size 3 all my life with little to no exercise (a blessing)... but just the past 8 months have gained weight (13 lbs) and can only fit into a size 8... size 7 if I jump around. My thighs have always been the biggest part of my body but now my stomach looks 5 months pregnant. All the weight is in my butt, thighs and belly. I even began exercising 5 months ago and eat much healthier but keep gaining. Is it because of my age or could there be something else going on? Please, if anyone has advice I'd love to hear it....
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I'm looking
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Life style change!
Hi I'm May & I'm 31yrs old, 5'4 133lbs. Though the weight may not seem too unhealthy, i gained 13lbs very quickly in a very short period of time so the extra weight is pure fat on me. I've been a smoker since 14-15 & i just quit last week and I'm confident I won't pick up that bad habit again. I've become lazy when it comes to being active with a terrible choice in foods so I'm plain out of shape as a whole & I used to have alot of stamina when it came to something as simple as running but now i can't run more than a minute or 2 without getting winded which is frustrating to say the least because i have a high energy mindset with a physical body that can't keep up. So i just joined a 6week crossfit challenge & am looking into foods i should & shouldn't eat to begin my journey to a new life style change!
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