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Feb 22, 2018 17:03:44   #
Hello I just joined this group. I am hopping to get some good advise on weight loss. I was in the military and maintained my weight until last year. I was already disabled vet and didn’t work so hard to stay in shape. And I got breast cancer in 2014-16 and made me go through what they called early fast track menapause. I went from a size 5 to a 16 in six months . Saw many doctors nothing medically wrong. Was simply told it would taper off and it has at 208. I started at the gym and after a month lost 6 lbs. I got sick at the gym as my immune system isn’t the best so missed a month I havnt gained it back. But need to loose 40 more lbs at least. I don’t eat the following at all. Dairy, fast food, fried food, juice , bread very little pasta, no candy , cake , no junk food at all and nothing after 6pm. I do drink a little and won’t give that up. I eat sushi, chicken, pork , and salads for the most part. I am not sure what else to do. I only drink water and a lot of it. And between 7-10 glasses a wine a week. Which use to be a lot more. At the gym I was riding a bike 45-60 miles a week between 6 days at 30 mins each. 8-10 mike in 30 mins so fast heart rate about 150. Then Doing some legs and abs. Not much arms as I can’t use my chest or left arm anymore for that. And my back and hip is messed up so no more running and can’t walk on the beach anymore. Any advice would be great. And I am never hungry I make myself eat what I do.
Introduce Yourself
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