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Stress Eating - Please Help!
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Sep 25, 2017 15:09:04   #
Hey everyone. I've been struggling with my weight for years (I put on a LOT right after my divorce).

I know I have a really bad problem with stress eating. :( Most of the time, I follow my diet plan really carefully, but if I'm having a bad day at work or the kids are being difficult, my willpower just collapses.

Does anyone have any tips on this?
Sep 25, 2017 15:16:19   #
Oh, wow...I feel you. This was a HUGE problem for me.

I've tried everything to stop myself doing it, and crazy though this might sound, I finally found that colouring in books did it! I think that it's just the distraction - if I pick up a book and start colouring, within a couple of minutes I've forgotten that I'm 'hungry'.
Sep 25, 2017 15:28:26   #
Healthy treats for me.

Clean out your cupboards (and I mean CLEAN) of any unhealthy snacks. If you don't have them, you can't eat them. Replace them with dried fruit, raisins, chopped fresh veggies and fresh fruit.
Sep 25, 2017 15:39:10   #
On this note, I also stopped taking change to work with me. Now I can't use the vending machines ha!
Sep 25, 2017 16:04:59   #
That...is actually a really good tip Jenna lol
Sep 25, 2017 16:32:33   #
Yeah, I have to be honest and say that the machines at my work are a big problem for me. It's a bad area for me - if my boss gives me a hard time I'm right there getting candy 5 minutes later. This is a really good tip for me, I think I'm going to try it.
Sep 25, 2017 16:46:32   #
I find it really helps, Angela. I always keep emergency notes on me (just in case I can't get to an ATM), but if I have no change...no vending naughtiness!

Also, it's saved me a lot of money. No joke.
Sep 25, 2017 16:57:35   #
I don't doubt that. On really bad days, I'm feeding like maybe $5 into it. All fizzy drinks and candy.
Sep 25, 2017 17:12:25   #
Ouch. So a rough week could cost you $25
Sep 25, 2017 17:19:32   #
Oh my God, that's like $100 a month. I think that's going to be a bigger motivator than losing weight!
Sep 25, 2017 17:49:29   #
It certainly would be for me. That's $1200 a year - go on holiday instead lol!
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