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My transformation
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Sep 24, 2017 17:12:35   #
Hello, everybody!

I'm here on this forum for some time now and even though I didn't write much, I read it basically everyday.

I've started to work out two years ago, when I was 19 years old and totally clueless. I didn't know how to gain weight or how to lose weight, my knowledge about workout itself was heavily limited as well, so I have attended the gym and did a lot of pointless and time wasting stuff, like SPLIT method training for the beginners or 1200kcal diets, that have lead me nowhere. Especially as at the beginning I was trying to lose weight, while I should be aiming to gain weight because I was very skinny.

It's amazing how everything changes once you gather some knowledge and I really want to thank this forum for so many great articles and friendly community, that has helped me to change my life. Back then, before I have found this forum it was literally a time wasted year.

I mean I did some progress of course - because I was an beginner, so just by working out alone I managed to improve my figure, although the 1200 kcal diet that I have found in some magazine was one of the worst ideas I ever had and if I ate normally, I'm sure I would get much more of my body in a year, but it doesn't matter anymore.

After I have found this forum, in just a few months I did much bigger progress than in my first year.

In just my second year of working out - once I really learned what's what, I have gained 20 pounds - my breast, my legs and my butt looks so much better now.

I also have a tendency to keep pretty much fit waist, so even though I have 20 pounds it all went into my legs and butt, so I guess I'm a lucky person in this regard.

Gaining those 20 pounds took me only 3 months - and I didn't rush it at all. At this moment, I have finally became a bit happy about my body

Of course, I still had tons of stuff to do, even though I started to look a bit better than I have used to I still wanted to add more muscles.

I managed to do that in next 9 months. I kept eating healthy all the time and I wasn't trying to gain weight nor lose it.

I kept my diet for this time at around 2100 kcal, which was enough to not gain weight, but slowly progress and let my muscles grow.

Truth be told, I thought my newbie's gains has finished with my first year of working out when I was totally clueless about it, but it turns out that I was mistaken - I did few times bigger progress than in my first year! I think it has to do with me being neither fat nor skinny.

I have read somewhere and I'm pretty sure it was on this forum, that body is using macroelements that you provide from food much more efficient if person is not overweight or skinny.

It has to do with hormones level, which is pretty much balanced and the body is just functioning so much better

Okay, thanks for reading it. I was never a good writer and I think, that I could describe my story much better, but I hope you liked it anyway!

Wish you all great gains!
Sep 24, 2017 17:16:01   #
Hey, great story! I kind of know what you mean, as I have my success story here as well and I felt like it's something much more amazing than it really is after I have objectively read what I wrote. I guess, that I'm just not a good writer either, but don't worry - I really enjoyed reading your story!

I remember when I was clueless about gym as well - I was doing everything wrong too, but I can see that you are a very motivated person and you figured it out because you were strong enough to keep looking for answers, even when you were constantly failing. I have to congratulate you for getting so far. By the way, what is your goal now?

You have gained 20 pounds and you have made your body more fit. What do you plan now? Do you aim more for looks or strength or maybe both? I personally aim for both, although I'm still focusing on strength more.
Sep 24, 2017 17:28:43   #
Hi, thank you for your kind words.

I read your success story as well and I have to admit that I have really liked it I love how dedicated and motivated you are, even much more than me.

You are very strong as well, I'm working out a bit longer than you and I'm still nowhere close to you in terms of strength.

As for my goals, I think it's time to start using the approach of cutting and bulking - losing weight and then gaining it.

I prioritize looks over strength, but as I want my muscles to grow then inevitably I will be becoming stronger as well.
Sep 24, 2017 17:38:28   #
Great story! I have really enjoyed reading it. Actually I love reading all of those success stories here - because what else can motivate me more than reading amazing stories about people getting closer and closer to their dream body? I also think, that it's already time for you to get on another level - you don't lack in experience, motivation or knowledge.

You should cut/bulk now and use this approach for several months. There is no better strategy to make your muscles grow

Best of luck and I hope you will achieve you dream body!
Sep 24, 2017 17:48:28   #
Amazing story! I've started to work out out in a very similar way to you actually. I used to be clueless as well and I have wasted really a lot of time on learning what to do.

I gotta envy people who had somebody to guide them from the beginning or those that have found this forum right away, it would have saved us so much time and trouble!

Still, falling and getting up again is what truly makes us stronger
Sep 24, 2017 18:03:36   #
Nicely done! I've enjoyed reading your story. I hope you will keep your motivation on same the level as you did until now
Sep 24, 2017 18:08:23   #
Thanks for kind words! After posting this story I can't just turn tail run - I would be embarrassing myself before all of you.
Sep 24, 2017 18:14:49   #
Well played, girl! I'm always cheering for motivated people, that don't give up easily. Good job, you made me hit the gym with a smile today
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