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So what is the thing with cardio?
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Sep 24, 2017 11:27:10   #
Hello everyone! I wanted to ask about some more advanced stuff. So how is it with cardio? I read on different forums that cardio is really pointless.

It doesn't give any effect and that HITT wins hands down over cardio. I personally was doing some cardio when I was losing weight and I feel like it has definitely helped me.

What is your opinion about it? I saw that most of you actually recommend cardio, but there is just so many different opinions, that I would like to clarify it as it is bothering me.
Sep 24, 2017 11:54:49   #
I don't know really. I already got a habit to always do 20 minutes of cardio after workout and I have never changed that. I think it really helps when you are trying to lose weight. Hard to say if HITT is better than cardio. My guess, it probably is but the best effects during weight loss come from combination of both cardio and HITT.
Sep 24, 2017 12:16:17   #
Both has their uses to be honest. I personally prefer HITT and I think it wins over cardio when it goes to losing weight, but as I said it depends on a few factors here.

For example, do you imagine 20 pounds overweight woman that just started working out to do intensive HITT twice a week after workout? Because I don't.

This is where cardio comes instead of HITT. She wouldn't be able to perform correctly HITT even in 1/4, so she should rather focus on cardio after workout and proper diet.

When you are more advanced and your stamina has improved - you can try HITT during weight loss as well, but most people actually do both. I do both as well, even though I rather prefer my workout to be short, but intense I find cardio to be nice from time to time as well. For example, now I'm cycling twice a week and not only it's a pretty good cardio, it is also extremely relaxing, but it's more of an addition for me and during serious weight loss workouts I tend to focus on HITT.
Sep 24, 2017 12:20:35   #
I don't consider any of those forms to be superior to each other. What's most important during every loss weight is calories deficit.

I'm able to lose weight without doing cardio or HITT at all, it doesn't really matter, but I prefer to eat more and do some cardio and HITT, that's why I usually end up doing doing them.

If we look from weight loss perspective only HITT is probably superior, but only because body adapts to cardio much faster than it does to HITT and as only semi-advanced people are able to perform HITT correctly, most of them is already pretty much used to doing cardio, because people tend to overdo it pretty often.

So, only because of that reason, I would put HITT a little bit higher than I would place cardio.
Sep 24, 2017 12:33:06   #
Madam Nelline
I have even noticed, that Poliquin himself says that HITT is superior towards cardio. I don't know how much of actual truth there is to it, but one thing I know for sure - it doesn't make a difference. Let's leave all those debates to pros. Seriously, for most people there is no difference between cardio and HITT. Just do what you prefer - both methods are great to replace calories deficit that would have to come from food otherwise and let's stay at that.
Sep 24, 2017 12:40:11   #
Truth is, that you just have to learn to know your body. Every one of us is different and we react differently to many things.

For some cardio may be a better choice and for others a better choice may be HITT. Hard to say really, unless you try both methods yourself.

To be honest it's a little funny, that some people after reading one sentence which is somebody's opinion on other forum already think that they know everything.

I don't relate to this forum, but to people generally - especially those that are working out. I actually found the biggest aggregation of clowns on bodybuilding forums, especially among men - everyone wants to know secrets for becoming big and strong, everyone wants to know everything. Bodybuilding knowledge is like an ego scale... and the truth is, that not many people has any actual knowledge to begin with.

It requires both biochemical and anatomical knowledge to discover new methods and new things, so debating over some words of Poliquin stating that HITT is superior with his arguments based only on his reactions is stupid.
Sep 24, 2017 12:51:01   #
Just like neomeena said, our bodies tend to adapt to cardio. I've even found some knowledgeable guy saying that.

I'm not stating facts based on his opinions alone and I'm actually not saying that our bodies adapts for sure, but I have even noticed it basing on my own experience.

After like 6 months of constantly doing cardio it simply stopped giving any effect. I was doing weight loss diet very slowly with very low calories deficit - at first I did only cardio with my calories deficit at 0 and it really was giving less and less effects. I don't want to clearly state that HITT is superior, but from what I have noticed and neomeena did also - in this regard, due to adaptation which is following pretty quickly, I got to admit that it is.
Apr 16, 2018 11:51:50   #
Well for me I do both when I walk in the gym what ever I'm in the move to do I do They both work for me.When I first started at the gym I started doing cardio and that helped me lose a little weight and prepare my self to start doing weights as I look in the mirror every day looking at my body as I kept doing cardio looking In the mirror my body was showing me that It was time to hit the weights to tightened up my skin In places that needed. I always listen to my body It will tell u what exercise to do so yes we all different. What work for u might not work for someone else every body work different and for body building its more to it then weights it take a lot of this and that.I give bodybuilding the up most respect because it takes alot of work to become a bodybuilder then just working out believe me.I no because I tried but wasn't for me.
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