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Weight gain due to medication - need advice
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Sep 22, 2017 21:23:20   #
Hi everyone. I'm just starting to look into losing weight. I've had bipolar disorder for quite some time, and as a resut of my medication I've put on quite a bit of weight (it's not completely down to the meds, I have to be honest and say that some of it is due to comfort eating too).

At the minute, I'm about 20lbs overweight. It's not just wanting to lose weight though - I really want to lose it off my stomach and tone up my abs because it's definitely a problem area for me.

Does anyone have any experience of this? How hard is it to lose weight while on medication?
Sep 22, 2017 21:31:25   #
I was in the same spot as you myself, about two years ago.

First up, here's the bad news: It's not possible to lose 'spot weight', you're going to have to lose weight overall.

We'd probably need to know more to help you - like, what's your diet like, do you do any exercise?

The good news is that despite having some peaks and troughs, I've lost the weight and more or less kept it off. I wouldn't go so far as to say that's it's easy (particularly not with bi-polar disorder), but it is do-able.
Sep 22, 2017 22:00:28   #
What's spot weight? Do you mean losing weight but not being able to see it?
Sep 23, 2017 07:23:31   #
No, if you're trying to lose spot weight, it means that you're trying to target one specific area (in your case, your stomach).
Sep 23, 2017 07:33:22   #
Oh, I see. No, I understand that I can't just lose it off my stomach...I need to lose weight over my whole body, it's just that my stomach is where I'm carrying the most excess fat.

My diet is pretty awful, if I'm honest. I know I eat too much processed food, and a lot of what I eat is high in fat as well. My plan is to cut down the amount of meat that I'm eating and focus on mostly vegetarian food, because I feel like that's going to naturally be lower in fat if that makes sense?

The only exercise that I do at the moment is walking, but I try to walk for a minimum of an hour a day.
Sep 23, 2017 07:49:10   #
OK, that's not a bad plan to start off with. If you're going to try to cut meat out, it's important that you make sure you replace the protein and iron in your diet, so make sure that you eat plenty of leafy green vegetables and also try to use a high protein meat substitute occasionally. If you feel like you're going to struggle with that, get some suppliments.

Walking is great, but ideally you need to do something that raises your heart rate (makes you out of breath and sweat). If you only feel up to walking, try speeding up as much as possible - like power walking.
Sep 23, 2017 08:13:58   #
Thanks for the advice, that's really heplful.

I'll probably get some suppliments any way - I don't think it will hurt. I know that I could do more exercise, but I hate competetive sports and I really don't enjoy group activities like exercise classes...I get really anxious. The thought of going to the gym nearly gives me a panic attack.

Maybe I could work up to running?
Sep 23, 2017 08:22:46   #
Sure! Running would be great.

Obviously, I don't know anything about your medical history - it would probably be a good idea to see your Doc and get a general health check before you start doing anything really strenuous.
Sep 23, 2017 08:51:27   #
Other than the bipolar and being overweight, I'm generally pretty healthy. You're right though, I'll speak to him before I get too involved.
Sep 23, 2017 09:17:18   #
Good plan. :) Good luck, please post back if you need more help or just want to vent. That's what we're all here for! :D
Feb 19, 2018 16:40:48   #
I'm in the same boat just starting is. I take 7 medication n I know some of them cause weight gain. but my biggest problem for my belly is the sweet cravings, love my ice cream. if I could control the sweet cravings n ice cream I know I could loose the belly fat. any suggestions would be appreciated.
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