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Not eating much and only getting fatter
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Sep 21, 2017 15:28:48   #
Hey!! So I was trying to lose some weight, but it didn't work for me at all. I started from 1500 kcal and lost a few pounds in two months.

I wasn't even that hungry, while I thought at the beginning, that I will be basically starving.

At the moment I'm at 1200 kcal and I'm doing HITT twice a week and cardio 4x times a week for around 45 minutes.

I didn't cut calories that much, instead I was adding activity as I was already on very low calories due to my very slow metabolism, but out of the sudden

I started to gain weight after being on diet for two months and eating only 1200 kcal! What may be the cause? Weight was dropping very slowly anyway, but at least it was dropping and wasn't increasing like it is now.

So do you have any suggestions how to fasten my metabolism rate a bit? I don't think that there is any point in sticking to current diet, so I will get back to normal eating. I will have some pizza, burgers and I will drink some wine with my friends.

Truth be told, I don't care anymore. There is no point in trying to lose weight on such low calories anyway. I can live being fat and ugly.

I just don't care anymore or at least for today. I just want to have some break from all those restrictions, especially as they don't bring any results.
Sep 21, 2017 15:57:30   #
That is bad indeed, MissBaine. I can't blame you for losing motivation and I totally understand your reasons. Just get back to normal eating - eat those burgers and pizza, even if I would never recommend consuming junk food to anyone - you should do that.

Trust me, mental health is very important factor here as well. So as you said, you should let both your mind and body rest.

Then, when you regenerate both mentally and physically, you will come back much more stronger. You really did a lot of cardio and a lot of HITT.

On top of that you were on really low calories - I can even see the reason for why you are not losing weight anymore. It's simple - you have overtrained your body.

Even if your metabolism is slow - in your case it's actually VERY slow, it doesn't mean that you need that much less calories than other people with faster metabolism.

How did you start your diet by the way? Did you add all those activities at once or did you spread it in time? From what I've understood from your post - you took an slower approach with adding activities, am I right?
Sep 21, 2017 16:23:45   #
Thanks for your answer. Yes, I took an slower approach with adding my activities. I started from 0 activities and just working out at the gym. After two weeks I have added cardio and then after a month I have added HITT. I will keep eating what I want and doing what I want now.

Also by eating a lot my metabolism should fasten a bit, right? Of course I will also gain additional pounds, but I don't care anymore about this.

I feel like I need to build a good foundation for my future endeavours, so I will just focus on giving my mind and body some rest.
Sep 21, 2017 16:35:08   #
Hi, MissBaine! Don't worry about it - you will get back on your feet soon enough. I would never recommend eating junk food as well, but you definitely should do that as I can see that you have worked extremely hard to achieve your goals and your efforts didn't bear fruit and I know exactly how frustrating that may be. On top of that, you have literally overtrained your body.

Being on such low calories with so much activity added for two months - that's just WOW. I really do admire you.

I personally don't know if I could make it. I would feel exhausted after even a week! I know your metabolism is very slow, so you probably didn't feel it as much as I would, but still - this is a little bit of an extreme situation. Let us know how many pounds you will gain and how determined and motivated to improve your body you will be after your fitness "holiday".
Sep 21, 2017 16:57:31   #
Thanks a lot Katyaa for kind words and understanding my situation. I have already eaten a pizza and I feel so bloated. I haven't eaten that much for quite some time already, which is probably why I feel so bad - but I will keep eating a lot and I won't care about any extra pounds that come.

I think I will give it a rest for about two weeks before I will try again as at the moment I literally feel sick about even thinking of another HITT or cardio.
Sep 21, 2017 17:01:05   #
I agree, this situation is very extreme. I actually can't even think of a reason why you weren't able to lose weight on such low calories.

By the way, may I ask how many pounds you lost? You started from very low calories and you proceeded with adding activities pretty fast too, so I'm just wondering.

Eating junk food and a lot of carbs overall isn't really a bad approach for speeding up your metabolism, but it isn't a good option either if we look at it from the long-term perspective. I hope you keep working out and didn't cut your activities to null as it would result in many more pounds gained.

I would recommend slowly cutting your activity and not rushing with consuming more calories.

Eating as much as you can so soon after failed diet will lead only to more pounds gained. It will be a much better approach, if you don't intend on having extra 20 pounds to lose later. You can limit your fat increasement this way. Even if you have already very slow metabolism, every body has its own standard, so you shouldn't really gain that much more weight if you take things slowly.
Sep 21, 2017 17:30:52   #
Lexie_1987 Point is that, she has already gained some pounds even while being on huge calories deficit followed by tons of extra activity.

If you ask me, this is an really delicate matter in which, the best approach to take will be running full tests at first.

There is always an possibility, that she may have some medical issues and there are some that are worth checking out, like: chronic stress, cushing's syndrome, hypothyroidism, PCOS, syndrome X or maybe even depression. Most likely though she just overtrained her body too much.

To be honest, I would end up probably the same if I went on such a calories deficit with so many activities. I would immediately lose like 20 pounds and after a month or so, I would start gaining them back, being depressed and not having enough strength to do anything. The approach she taken was simply devastating for her body, now she needs to rest - even if it means gaining another pounds.
Sep 21, 2017 17:42:08   #
Thank you! I don't rule out any of those conditions, I will check it further and run full blood tests this week - hopefully I will be okay!

I stopped working out as I already felt, that my body is really tired, but I'm still doing cardio twice a week and HITT once a week.

Starting from the next week I will stop doing HITT and I will cut my cardio down to 30 minutes, then next week to 15 minutes and then entirely.

I hope I won't gain too much weight, but it's not the priority now - I just need to get my body back to normal functioning!
Sep 21, 2017 18:09:35   #
Yes, I wish you all well as well, although don't be surprised if your hormones level will be below the norm.

After what you just did to your body, it will take some time to get them back to normal level.
Sep 21, 2017 18:33:35   #
Wow, but I really do admire you! I would never last even a week on such low calories diet with a lot of cardio and HITT.

It really is hard to do what you did. I hope you will get back on your feet!
Sep 21, 2017 18:38:22   #
Thank you! I hope I can do it as soon as possible to be honest because it's already three days since I have stopped being on diet and I feel like I lack something, although I don't want to do any more damage to my body, so I will wait! Thank you for supporting me :)
Sep 21, 2017 18:46:52   #
This is a very tricky situation. You went totally extreme in this case and it doesn't really surprise me, that you have started to gain weight on such low calories! It's called overtraining - you have devastated your hormones level and it will take some time for your body to recover from this.

I can give one solution, that will definitely help you lower your weight increasement, although it probably won't help you very much with your mental comfort, but if you want to limit the effort, that you have to put in later, it's the best thing that I can think of.

Start low carb diet. Seriously, eat between 30 to 50 grams of carbs and supply the rest from fat and proteins. Allow yourself only 1 cheat day after workout.

You will find the topic dedicated to this diet here on our forums. Gaining fat on this diet is extremely hard, even in your case when your hormones are a total mess, you should easily add calories and cut activity without gaining too much fat.

As I have see you have already started to consume a lot of carbs and have significantly cut your activities, you should follow your current approach for a few more days and when you feel ready, you can try your soon to be favorite low carb diet :)
Sep 21, 2017 19:14:52   #
I agree with cherryjuice - getting on LCD is probably the best idea if you want to limit gaining additional pounds, but the question is - are you strong enough to cope with another fairly strict and demanding diet?

Personally, if I have struggled with lack of efforts and was functioning on such big calories deficit, I probably wouldn't be able to go through another restrictions for quite some time, but it's up to you. More work you'll put in now, less you will have to put in later.
Sep 21, 2017 19:30:09   #
Obviously your hormones level will be a mess right now, so don't worry about it, but you should definitely consider looking into those medical conditions, that annbee has mentioned - they are not that uncommon as you may think and if you have started your diet from 1500 kcal, then there could have been something seriously wrong at the very beginning.
Sep 21, 2017 19:45:06   #
Of course I will look into those medical conditions and do some further tests towards detecting them.

I would never thought of it to be honest, but most definitely I cannot rule them out. I have started from 1500 kcal because it was the amount on which I haven't felt neither hungry nor full.

Even though according to the TDEE calculators I should have started from 2000-2100 kcal, but it would just be simply too much.

I haven't eaten 2000kcal in ages and when I did I was feeling pretty full already, so... something was probably wrong before I have even started?
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