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My Success Story
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Sep 20, 2017 08:01:08   #

I'm 5'5" and I weigh 110 pounds now. I'm training for a while already and I'm here on this forum for a while as well. I never had a time to post something more about myself and as I have finally achieved my goal of losing -30 pounds and also adding a lot of pounds on my barbell I just had to sit down, make a coffee and start writing about it to share this great news with the community that have significantly helped me achieve this goal.

So, to be accurate I have started to work out with a good diet on 14th September 2016, so a little bit over a year has passed. I did work out a little bit back at home before I have found this forum, but I didn't take it serious at all. I didn't have any diet that I did stick to, so my progress was very small, but once I found this forum, became an active member, gathered some knowledge I have set my path and didn't hesitate even once during this time - probably because of the great progress that I have made :)

So, I have lost -30 pounds in 5 months and I was already partially happy with how I look, but working out and progressing is so addictive that from the main goal I turned it into a stepping stone for a much bigger goal, which I am still aiming for and day by day getting closer to it! So what is my end-game? It's simple. I want to keep working out and feel good about myself. I don't want to be Miss Olympia or anything of this sort - I just want to feel good in my body and from what I have realized, the only way to achieve that is to never stop working out! That's my long-term goal.

Of course I will appreciate the progress that comes along, so improving my looks and strength is very important here as well, but it's not a priority anymore. Priority is to keep being fit and feeling good about myself :)

So, back to the story - after I have lost some weight I moved to 5x5 plan - designed for gaining strength. Actually people were really looking a bit weird at me, because most girls at the gym were occupying cardio machines and I was usually loading heavy plates on my barbell.

Another 6 months I spent doing 5x5 while eating healthy. I managed to gain extra 10 pounds, which were all muscles as I didn't notice any fat increasement and I was focusing mostly on strength for this period.

I really enjoy going to the limit sometimes with heavy barbell on my back. Shame is, that I didn't see any girl working the same way as I do, but there were plenty of men looking back at me with kind of an amazement :P. That felt nice.

As for now, I just started doing Push and Pull plan on higher reps, I think I've reached my strength goals for now and I would prefer to focus on doing exercises with higher rep, gain some stamina and change the scenery for a bit. I plan to work out like this for next couple of months, then I'm probably switching to 5x5 again because this is the plan which I have enjoyed the most so far.

My current strength records are:

Squat: 160 pounds
Deadlift: 220 pounds
Bench Press: 105 pounds

I think it's quite good as I haven't seen any women using same weights as I do, although I found some men that did :P

Anyway, thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed my little story :) I don't plan on updating it as pretty much this is the goal that I wanted to reach and the only thing that I will keep doing now is adding more pounds on my barbell and improving in terms of both strength and looks :)
Sep 20, 2017 08:30:36   #
Wow, great story Fit_Bet! I have really enjoyed reading it. You have found a great place - as we are kind of different than most women attending gym. We love to give ourselves a proper work out and improve! I kind of love focusing on strength as well, it's always a great feeling to beat your recent record.
Sep 20, 2017 08:50:02   #
Amazing story. I really have enjoyed reading through it and I can relate to most things, that you have wrote about here - I feel like alien sometimes as well, simply because I'm just doing those workouts that men usually do, although I rather stick to higher reps as strength is not my only goal. Congratulations on achieving your goals. My end-game is pretty much the same as yours!
Sep 20, 2017 09:18:32   #
Great story! So you are just like me! I love hitting the iron hard as well hence my name :P I'm a bit stronger than you, but I have also much more experience in terms of weightlifting. Congratulations again. I must say, that you probably have pretty good genetics if you were able to achieve this kind of strength in such a short time. Maybe you would be interested in some competitions in weightlifting? I took part in some of them and to be honest competition among women is pretty low, so you may have a chance of placing well on scoreboard and I'm sure you would have great time! Send me a private message if you would be interested.
Sep 20, 2017 09:48:28   #
Wow, you became stronger than me in such a short time! I don't focus on strength by any means, but it's still impressive considering that I work out for over 5 years already :D

Congratulations again, always motivating to read such success stories!
Sep 20, 2017 09:58:16   #
Wow, I always adored women who are dedicated enough to work this hard! It's amazing what you did here in just such a short period of time. I'm rather more of a fitness person, but I don't mind doing heavier lifts from time to time - of course I'm nowhere close to you!
Sep 20, 2017 10:07:49   #
WOW! Amazing story. I enjoyed reading it through!
Sep 20, 2017 10:13:41   #
Wow. I never had enough motivation to work as hard as you, but I'm going somewhere... in my own pace! Do you think most women can be as strong as you are or you are just genetically strong?
Sep 20, 2017 10:32:10   #
Thank you all for really kind words! I'm not really a good writer, but I was doing my best, so I hope you really did enjoy reading it.

@hammlie: I don't consider myself a genetic freak or anything of this sort. I just spent quite a lot of time on improving my strength - though I'm still nowhere close to some of the people in this forum in both strength and experience. I think to achieve what I did you just need to take gym really serious and I'm sure many younger women may get on my level even faster if they are dedicated enough!
Sep 20, 2017 10:47:30   #
Exactly, I wouldn't call Fit_Bet an genetic freak, but well she is strong. She is much stronger than I was when I started out and I don't believe that every woman can pull of what Fit_Bet did in just a year, but I'm sure that any of you can get on the same level of strength if you try enough.
Sep 20, 2017 11:03:39   #
Amazing job you have done here! I hope your passion for gym and weightlifting won't wither and soon you will be one of the strongest forum members :D Good luck on your journey and congratulations on achieving your other goals as well!
Sep 20, 2017 11:27:49   #
Another amazing success story. I really loved reading it. When you see other people achieving their goals it just motivates you so much to do more and more with your life, not only at gym, but with life overall!
Sep 20, 2017 11:45:42   #
I agree, there is just so many great success stories here. I'm glad that people are able to achieve their goals. As for genetics, I'm pretty sure that I would never get on this level in just a year, so you definitely have really good genetics. Congratulations again. I'm heading out to gym even a bit earlier than I was supposed to today because you have motivated me so much.
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